So what is Networked Learning?

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The main difference between a blog and a wiki is the contributor. For instance, a blog is personal, with little collaboration and the posting is owned by the poster. Whereas a wiki can be personal, but is open to collaboration (access via password). Any information can be changed or deleted by anyone.

Within the classroom, the open style of a wiki can be useful for group projects, while a blog may aid in brainstorming or generating discussion. Also, a combination of the two may best suit educational purposes. Because a wiki can limit which users can login and edit the content, facilitator control can virtually be the same as a blog, where comments and posts can be pre-screened.

The main difference, then, between a wiki and a blog becomes the layout and organization of information. A wiki becomes a continually modifiable easy-access web page, while a blog’s journalistic style catalogs and dates content so readers can see the interchange of ideas related to the blog topic in question.

(Just an observation to pass along – setting up this blog has been many times more difficult than setting up my first wiki.) Blogs seem to be most effective when individuals have to research and reflect their own opinion and understanding on the research. (For example, this educational blog is designed to look at the application and implication of Web 2.0 and collaborative networked learning in the classroom). 

Wikis are best when you want multiple people to have full editing capabilities on the documents in question. is of course the best example of a good wiki use. Plus check out my university wiki

The Wiki will be really useful and productive on our next practicum, that’s for sure. They are a perfect tool for group projects, communication and discussion! (with collaboration by students and fellow teachers)

Easy and educational = Perfect for the digital classroom


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