So what is Networked Learning?

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Several academics and educators from around the world have been applying Web 2.0 technology into their lessons, thus creating a digital classroom of the future.


Web-Teaching: A Guide for Designing Interactive Teaching for the World Wide Web –  By David W. Brooks, Diane E. Nolan, Susan M. Gallagher

Beginning with a brief history of the Internet, this book delves into a review of current research, active learning strategies, Web courseware, meta-cognition, strategies for Web discussions, promoting student self-regulation, building interactive Web pages, basic HTML coding, managing Web sites, using databases, automated testing, and security and legal issues. Experience shows that Web teaching may be used in an extremely wide range of subject areas. Therefore, allowing instructors to focus on instructional design and improving student experiences instead of only the technical skills of building Web sites. Web-Teaching helps readers pick and choose what aspects of the Web to employ to achieve the greatest student learning gains (ie. Facebook, Blogs, wiki). This academic source is a very thorough and detailed analysis of the application of Web 2.0 in the classroom.  


Web2.0 A new wave of Innovation for Teaching and Learning – By Brian Alexander

Alexander’s article looks at the key concepts in Web 2.0 analysing its impact on the education system as a social software. For instance, it outlines the use and application of several practices and procedures that could be used as pedagogical tools within the digital classroom. For instance, Social Bookmarking,, Wiki, Socialtext, Blogger – All allow for opportunities of collaboration and sharing within the lesson. He accounts for the growing services and applications, partly because of the changing face of education in this new age.  


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