So what is Networked Learning?

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LECTURE 1: WEB 1.0 vs. WEB 2.0

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Web 1.0 is getting information from the web

Web 2.0 is constructing knowledge collaboratively on the web

Web 2.0 is the heart and soul of online education eg. podcasts, ajax, mash-up, wiki

Web 2.0 is putting the “we” in “web”

Web 2.0 … ‘the living web’


(For further information, refer to expert Andy Budd)


WEB 1.0

WEB 2.0

  • Double click        
  • Ofoto         
  • Britannica Online         
  • Personal Websites        
  • Content Mangament Systems
  • Directories (Taxonomy)        
  • Stickiness
  • Google
  • Flickr
  • Napster
  •  Wikipedia
  • Blogs
  •   Wikis
  •  Tagging (“folksonomy”)
  • Syndication

(For further information, refer to expert Tim O’Reilly)


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